Sunday, 24 December 2017


Its now just over 8 months since my last post but, to me this latest one is a follow up to where we are follow the completion of making the old 6x6 converted dusty garage at Wadalba.

We finally sold the house less than a week before the RE agency contract ended, around the same time we put a deposit on a block of land at Raworth which adjoins Morpeth in the Hunter Valley we set our minds on building a new house as it will mean little need for maintenance compared to the house at Wadalba which was due for work that was completely beyond me and my wife Julie.

With contracts exchanged we moved out of Wadalba into a renting situation in the same suburb and only 3 minutes away from the land we purchased, we are less than 10 minutes drive to Victoria St station that has a half hour service to the Newcastle interchange. with usually a 5 minute change to electric trains to Sydney, we like it here owing to how quiet it is. The house plans are at Maitland Council now and the hope is a start will be made in February with us able to move in late May.

The final pull down of the layout revealed a fair bit of work made worse by my design work, and primarily because I screwed the bench tops down into the frame work rather than the opposite which would have made things a lot simpler and handier to pull down and transport it.

We extended one bedroom on the plans to a size of 6 x 6.1mtrs, this will allow with some modifications better access to some hard to get at locations, more especially the two areas on the Peninsular section that Nullo Mountain and Jacks Creek are on, especially the covered tunnel area on the line from Akuna to Nullo, and the other track underneath that runs from Moblayne down under and to the staging yards.  The worst part of the changes is that the entry will now be at the opposite end of the side it was previously , which means a double lift up bridge.  That will be a challenge for the future.

The best part to me is that the layout room will be in the house, in air conditioned comfort without the amount of dust that was in the old garage.

Its going to be a big year ahead in many ways, I pray my health and strength will improve as well as Julies.

From Both of us to all my blogger friends and families we both extend our greetings to you all for a Merry Christmas and for the year ahead may it bring you all what your needs are and some of the wants which always linger around.

Colin and Julie Hussey.


  1. Col, good luck with the house build and I'll look forward to reading about Essence coming back together again - this time in air conditioned comfort. Merry Christmas Phil

    1. Thanks Phil

      It will be around 6months off I would think before much work starts on the assembly again, that also may be a bit ambitious though.