Saturday, 13 July 2019


Some pics from old Essence and the early use of Chalks.

I want to change the front page photo but, I have to search my slide collection for the specific photo I want to really show, it is of 3642 at Tumulla on the rear of a guards van, the reason is to highlight the grime on both the pig and the van, I have however a photo that I downloaded from somewhere of 3652 at Bathurst on an up passenger train showing a fair amount of road grime, but there is to the left side of the photo a section of an LHG that has interesting coloured panels.

This is not a photo of mine and will pull it down as soon as I can scan the other photo.

Reason for this post is after reading Phil from Phillips Creek blog about the TOR MLV and course panel grooves, hopefully these pastel works of mine may add something for Phil and others.

I have in general found these to be pretty forgiving as against using paints while the chalk may come off or rub off it allows for adjustments to the colour tones, with paint I have not had the success even with spraying it and trying to get the right colour mixes.

Weathering is road grime and not just black, but here in the Hunter black seems to be the main weathered affect on the coal trains, with a bit of the old colour showing through and that shows with the main operators not having real clean loco's overall, although nice to see some that are.

My expensive weathering pack, first the water and mixing container and expensive brushes

Artists expensive colour palette box

Light weathering on RTC

Some heavier affects on some wagons

 The following two photo's are of the TOR MLV reruns I purchased some time back, the first foto shows the two MLV's an the end of an OTM LLV prior to weathering using the chalks. The second photo shows how the pastel chalks help fill the side panels making them a lot more realistic. I rubbed the weathered models number area to show its the same as the new model.

I am in no way an expert on weathering and the element of pastels makes me a lot more relaxed in weathering any models.  I have to admit that some of my first attempts at using paints and spraying all but wrecked a couple of models and once Essence Mk2 is up and I get back into the actual modelling side of things I do want to get help in using the spray paints, but with what I have achieved so far with the pastels I'm not too sure about that.

The last photo is of an Austrains pig, & while the more brown like mud affects are apparent in the photo, its typical of a steam locomotive in the Western and Northern Regions where bore water was very much in use and even the special treatments such as briquets did not help with keeping the locos clean.

The area around the firebox however should be more whitish owing to the ash dust that came up from under the ashpans when being de-ashed and usually stuck to the sides. 36cl had ash pan bottom discharge and water flushers which did help keep the ash dust down, on other older types of steam loco;s had ash pans that had to be raked out from underneath and the main dust went up and settled around the front of the firebox area including the boiler.

The above is initial wash using So Jongia Nimbus grey

Below in service for a few more trips

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Renewed Essence - Tentative frst steps.

Having the extra space in the new train room and looking to the way we had asked and believed the room size internally would be,6300x6100mm for some reason which is what I simply believed we would have, so getting a bit of enthusiasm to do some planning I got the tape measure out and measured the walls, double and triple checking only showed 6100x6100, not happy about that and believing I had been duded, out to the plans we had signed off on and they showed the smaller size, blowed if I know how we missed that, and nothing we can do about it.

So after stewing on it for a while I realised that I still had around 300mm extra than the old garage size which allows me to go for the larger radius curves and the extra space on the peninsular to get to if needed.

All the base boards are 13mm thick, 2440x1220mm non structural ply wood, my thinking had me looking at needing to purchase one more to cover the extra board space needed, but checking around, I found that those boards no longer existed or at least available up here, like supermarket shopping these days with shrinking packages and same prices (the high cost of low inflation??????) all boards now only come in 12mm x 2000x1200, and the price is around $7.00 more per sheet.

Thankfully not a huge difference but more expense for less product, at least the background MDF sheets have not shrunk in size with them still available in the old 2440x1220 size at fair pricings.

Tonight after some thinking and measuring up I decided to start a bit of testing and work on the layout in preparation for the first section to go up. That section includes the loco depot and on a full larger sized Ply sheet, to see how much extras board would be needed for the 32" radius curve, I set about spraying the track around the roundhouse to loosen and lift it, so the guide would work, hopping all along that my glueing down of the track with diluted PVA would lift easy, thankfully it did as I slide a box cutter long blade under the sleepers and brought out the ballast and had the guide go smoothly around to set the curve up nicely.

Only two pin nails were found but they lifted readily, with that working I got the adjoining section that is the start of the uphill section to Akuna.
 The above photo, shows the roundhouse pits, along with the track in the back at the new radius, I was surprised that the old radius was not that much under it, likely I would suspect at 30", in the lifting of the track I found a reason why some loco's leading bogies would derail approximately at the spot outside, opposite the 2nd pit from the left, there was a rail join there with no sleepers under the join and a dip at that spot. Also had wagons uncouple there at times which showed some discrepancies in the coupler heights, another problem hopefully will be rid of,

The above two show more of the join location for the track, there is damage to  track on the grade section to Akuna. As I have both new track and some old track including short lengths I will try the short lengths first and hope it works, I will likely need to replace the last section of track behind the roundhouse as it is now shorter than previously, I intend to have joiners not soldered in at the joins leaving the joiners to move freely if a need comes up to lift sections especially at baseboard joins., also helps isolate sections by having a minimal gap and slide the joiner to break the contact.

I have found since getting to the shed pits, that several of the spacers had worked loose, so some repair work on those spots have been addressed.

Its not much news, but its a tentative first step though, and gets me enthused towards it. I would love to find an hour each day to do some work on the layout, That is if all the other unpacking that needs to be done and sorted allows for it.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

The renewed Essence. Pre planning

On Pearl Harbour day, 7th December we move into our new home near the historic township of Morpeth NSW, some trips around locally have revealed a huge number of old historic buildings, sadly many in neglect yet many others being converted and used for new business. Driving around can be both a joy and sad affair when seeing the contrasts in how people care and don't with many of those beautiful old homes and commercial properties.

One of the problems though is that as the Morpeth township as such is classed as a heritage area along with the buildings that exist, anyone buying in and wanting to renovate old homes have to do it in a way that conforms with heritage and that means a lot of money.  A case point being a corner house on the main st that looks ready to fall down, the back yard overgrown and all waiting to fall down or be taken over by nature,

The chap who purchased the home had paid cash and had over $300K available to fix it up, all the money went quick owing to the heritage covenant that was on the house. Looking to the outside it appears its nothing, apparently some work was done inside but its unlikely to be finished.

Living, in the adjoining suburb and building there also has its issues as the local council loves to change rules on regular basis meaning one can get approval for a specific item in construction only to find they have changed the conditions and one can have problems getting approval under the new rules. Love the governments in all aspects as they all know how to leech the people.

The new home for Essence means, well hopefully that is, the dust and humidity will not be the issues that was had at Wadalba in the converted 6x6 external measurement garage, also the tight access to the two tracks under the range on the peninsular section.  The new home for the layout is 6 x 6.3m, internal measurements, the longer wall is the one where the peninsular goes.  While the measurements are all but the same, that is not really the case as Wadalba had 120mm steel wall truss like supports, coupled with the witches hat horizontal frames, all round, took at least 250mm off each side of the walls, with a further 20mm that the backdrops took up.

Overall then, the new layout will affectively provide me with a good amount of extra room of approx. 300, by 600mm more in layout space, which also means the tight area at the tunnel levels on the peninsular will have more space to work in.

I had originally worked on having minimum radius of 28" which overall worked ok but a couple of loco's namely the 57, 58 & 59 had some difficulty at certain locations, with the intention of getting to 32, my hope is that will be cured but I also realise that on at least 3 spots that were problematic will also need to be fixed.

As a start, I will be working on the baseboards to change the method of the frame and how they are attached, I had big problems with the pull down finding the screws, which I had used from the baseboard down to the frames and supports, the other aspect that I used long timbers that affectively meant that two main sections were often using part of a single longitude frame board, therefore somewhat a nightmare, my intentions are to build the frames separately and screw up from under the bases, ease of removal and not interfere with layout scenicking.

Double lift bridges.  The old layout had a single lift bridge running down across the entry door and down a side and end wall to the staging yard and continuous main line.  In the new room, there will be a need for two lift bridges on that same side, as the door is on the same side but other end of the wall. As I want to basically keep the old plan and layout but just fix it, after talking to other modellers having two bridges, basically one on top of the other, top with one track and the bottom two, would be much simpler and less time consuming than trying to rebuild to a new design or, trying to rotate the layout from one end to the other.

No matter how I looked and drew the plans up, it meant a fair bit of extra cost in purchasing new baseboards, underlays as well as reconstruct a lot of items such as in the loco depot. One other factor then crept in and that was that the ply sheets, rather than coming in the old 2440 x 1220 sizes are now only 2400x1200, while not a lot of difference size wise it does affect the actual layout plan especially for the Moyblayne end which has the larger sheets on two sections.

As planning has taken place, with the extra space now available I have a desire to add a couple of new items to the layout, one of them will be a wooden bridge over a creek, this will fit in to the section that runs between Moblayne and Akuna, from behind the roundhouse.  An early photo of the location is here
At the extreme left is a store and road crossing that sits to other side of where the roundhouse is, the line rises straight before curving to the left and then round to the top side where Akuna is located. There is a rail join as well as a baseboard join, which is where I will be putting the creek with a wooden bridge over the creek.  As the primary storage sidings are underneath this section, I have room to construct a ply frame that will have the bridge and creek constructed to be screwed up to both sides of the existing baseboard.  The length of the insert and bridge will be approx. 400mm in length which covers the extra length for that side as well as the other side of the room

The primary area to be started on will be Moblayne depot end and then this side wall section. In saying all of this I doubt if a lot of work will be carried out much before February next year, but one never knows.  I certainly look forward to the move, sorting out a lot of items, and will have some models up for sale as well, and then into the rebuild over time in order to hopefully not repeat past mistakes.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

I am not sure if many bloggers are aware of the passing of Darren (DAZ) Baker, who had the Gunnedah & Behond blog.

I post the following that I received this afternoon

"Tuesday, August 21, 2018
Last night about 10.10 pm Darren left us. he fought MND to the very end. it was quick, and peaceful. and totally unexpected. we knew MND was in his lungs BUT he was laughing with the carers and I than said he could not breath. He Died in Gosford Hospital.

I just want to add. that yesterday at about 12 midday . Dazza and Paul finished the laying of track, even across the door. it would have meant he could have run trains all the way around. the Top level was complete.

to Darren it was not the running of a train that drove him, it was the building of his dream. "

Darren was a great bloke & over the years he & I exchanged quite a few emails regarding modelling and that other gauge system 1:1, it is sad that someone as young as he is has passed from this life, as he suffered a deal over the past few years,
You will be missed Darren and from me thanks for the friendship over time.

Sunday, 24 December 2017


Its now just over 8 months since my last post but, to me this latest one is a follow up to where we are follow the completion of making the old 6x6 converted dusty garage at Wadalba.

We finally sold the house less than a week before the RE agency contract ended, around the same time we put a deposit on a block of land at Raworth which adjoins Morpeth in the Hunter Valley we set our minds on building a new house as it will mean little need for maintenance compared to the house at Wadalba which was due for work that was completely beyond me and my wife Julie.

With contracts exchanged we moved out of Wadalba into a renting situation in the same suburb and only 3 minutes away from the land we purchased, we are less than 10 minutes drive to Victoria St station that has a half hour service to the Newcastle interchange. with usually a 5 minute change to electric trains to Sydney, we like it here owing to how quiet it is. The house plans are at Maitland Council now and the hope is a start will be made in February with us able to move in late May.

The final pull down of the layout revealed a fair bit of work made worse by my design work, and primarily because I screwed the bench tops down into the frame work rather than the opposite which would have made things a lot simpler and handier to pull down and transport it.

We extended one bedroom on the plans to a size of 6 x 6.1mtrs, this will allow with some modifications better access to some hard to get at locations, more especially the two areas on the Peninsular section that Nullo Mountain and Jacks Creek are on, especially the covered tunnel area on the line from Akuna to Nullo, and the other track underneath that runs from Moblayne down under and to the staging yards.  The worst part of the changes is that the entry will now be at the opposite end of the side it was previously , which means a double lift up bridge.  That will be a challenge for the future.

The best part to me is that the layout room will be in the house, in air conditioned comfort without the amount of dust that was in the old garage.

Its going to be a big year ahead in many ways, I pray my health and strength will improve as well as Julies.

From Both of us to all my blogger friends and families we both extend our greetings to you all for a Merry Christmas and for the year ahead may it bring you all what your needs are and some of the wants which always linger around.

Colin and Julie Hussey.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The void increases

Well a week has gone since the start of the layout dismantling.  Ever the optimist I hoped all would be smooth sailing, but seems the layout was happy and wanted to stay as it was in some sections or more like some areas in the sections.

I had hopped that the dismantling would be fairly easy, and go smoothly, to date I would say its a bit of a 50/50 event that way, often a solitary hidden screw would cause a bit of frustration trying to find it by breaking up the scenes area, with the plaster having filled up the heads and time to scratch out the stuff. Some notations have been made that will mean a change in the method and location of where screws will be used in the rebuild.  The down side in a sense of this is that much of the scenery has broken up and had to be put in the bin, meaning some renewals in the future.

I missed taking initial photo's of the dismantling but there are photo's in previous blogs that will show how things were and how they stand as of today, my hope is that the whole layout bench work will be dismantled fully in 4 days as there is only 4 sections to go.

Photo 1 looking from Akuna down to where the Moblayne depot was, now its stand against the wall with the underside showing. The right hand wall is where the staging yard and a down approach to Akuna was
 Photo 2 looking from the same position as 1 with what was left of Akuna at the top and the double approach road underneath.  The right track comes directly down from Jacks Creek on the right through the tunnel portal into what is the down arrival staging yard. The left or outer track comes from the Up staging yard and goes direct to Moblayne via the bridge near the entry door
 Photo 3 looking from the other end of photo 2

 Photo 4 shows Jacks Creek with part rear removed and ready for removal.
 Photo 4 the backdrop wall is gone so is trackwork over the join that can be just seen, the black wire making a defiant stand before removal.
 Photo 6,  Jacks Creek is now gone
Photo 7, looking over Nulla Mountain saw mill prior to its removal today.

As I work and sections removed I continue with thinking of ideas relative to the future, while trying to visualise the future I tried to imagine how things might look without the large partition that seperated Nulla and Jacks creek, also provided a blocking of the view through to Akuna. Doing that was to try and separate the areas in the visual sense.  Looking over it I tried to think HO scale rather than just for the layout but also for the operator and imagined passengers on a train and train crews as to what they might see as they looked out over the journey.

Withe camera position just to the inside of the track that went down from Nulla to Jacks Ck, I aimed it across and towards the up end of Akuna.  The level that Akuna sits on is at the lower part of the backdrop painted board and partly covered by dismantled baseboards. During the pull down of the Mill area the low profile scenery was damaged enough that meant it going in the bin, meaning when renewed I will not have the partition as before but will have the scenery formation made up approximately 40mm higher, so that when looked at from the same eye level as the photo, the Akuna backdrop should provide something of depth to it.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Vision - Void & return

Essence started out as a Vision, which had no name associated with the layout at the beginning. The idea of a layout was only ever something that was a dream that developed into a vision, it became a reality only when we moved back to Sydney's west end of 1999.  It took near on 10 years in an early development that had to be fitted into rebuilt half a knock down asbestos garage of 6 x 6m.  In the end it barely worked but the shift to Wadalba the vision grew, and from there the new train room was formed out of another garage of the same size but it meant the room would be able to go to what my vision really had in mind.

From what was a void, of nothing, except the track and some items brought from Shalvey that I thought could be used to fill that garage from an void or empty space into the vision that I had. Largely that vision was attained but not to the success that I had hoped for. Thing was that being what in reality was a big leap forward into so many new areas for me, such as scratch building items that came out of memories such as the old Chargemans office at Werris Creek and other items, were challenges and many completed successfully while others? some have gone but will be replaced with new builds.

The planning for the future Essence has started so all things being equal it will return but when is another matter. With the house now on the market and some interest so far, its only been a bit over a week now, and sales up here are not bad but not like Sydney though, and the agents confident of a sale in not a long time frame, has meant a lot of ideas for Essence has been all but put back to the void status while house items and the like have taken precedence for sorting and packing up.

As for the layout I had been progressively packing up all the R/S, loco's and other moveable items as time permitted, with 99% of such items packed and moved out, over the last weekend I have made the tentative steps of dismantling the track and framework, a time of mixed emotions and very much a new round of learning.  As Essence was built up, I tried to plan as much as possible to have the whole layout to be in a type of module construction that was able to be dismantled without a lot of problems should anything happen to me. Was that a success? The answer, yes and no.

When confronted with the start, I went around the layout, checking out each area to work out where to start, the bridge was first to be removed, an easy choice, then the return section under Moblayne at the end of the staging yards, that allowed for a continuous run. This provided the earliest of challenges owing to the removal of screws, that suddenly were not as conveniently located as I had though. With that taking half a day, so what next?

As I needed space for any sections pulled down to stored upright, I took to the largest one piece section, a full 1220 x 2440nn 12mm ply board that the roundhouse and that end of Moblaynes yard and station. This took a fair bit of work just to get it seperated from the next section, being the same size but angled at one end towards the entry door. The depot end finally came down on Monday 10th.  This removal actually showed up how much amiss I had been with the design as I had thought that the various board and track layouts would both work wonderfully in alignments, that is a rail join perfectly situated over the joins in the base boards. Yeah Right!!. Rather than being a work of ease, I had a lot of breaking up of ballast, scenery and taking some track up, that I had hopped would not happen.

With lessons learnt (up to that point) Tues-Wednesday,11/12/04, had me take down all the staging yard and 2 sections of the incline from Moblayne up towards Akuna. There is now just one 2440x450mm wide section to come down, from the there and a full wall of 2 levels will be completed.

None of this work has been done without a lot of thinking about the void that will be created and what then to the return of Essence. The reality is that at our next home the room to house the layout while hopping it will be of the same or similar size such things as where the entry will be, means that Essence will have to more than likely have some changes to the layout plan. Initially I was thinking of it being less than it is now, something initially of dread was my thinking.

However, as the knock down progressed with care, my mind was also active in looking ahead, as each section came down, I had to break up much of the scenery and other items to get at hidden screws, the thought of this unplanned for damage weighed on me a bit, but as I plodded I started to see other visions that can see changes in the future that will add to what old Essence did not have. A wide section where I had to gouge out plaster and static grasses, is the perfect spot to have a watercourse flow through and under the track with a low level pier bridge.  Much easier perhaps than redoing the removed plaster.

The demolition is sad but out of the possible sorrow there comes the reality of a new vision, to see the empty void filled once again.  Over the next week I will be taking some photo's of what has happened so far, and I know I should have tried to take them at each stage. It's likely going to be 12 months at the least before the new abode will be moved into, so a lot of dreaming and planning will be going on.