Saturday, 1 November 2014

Some works carried out

The past month has provided some time to advance some of the jobs that I have had priorities to get to finishing or a close state to it.  Moblayne has been the big priority owing to the depth of the baseboard 1220mm.  I agonised over doing the yard & depot until the work along the backdrop was finished & while its still not finished I decided to take the plunge & get the station, yard area to near completed stages meaning there is only minor work to finish off along the back.

Photo's of the work up to this weekend.

My rendition of a NSWGR BBBS unit of the Per Way division or Bristle Brush Ballast Spreader. Simple & authentic, the brush hails from the NSWGR era & was used to level & spread the ballast in the yard, only some minor bits to complete the work.

Coxes as its now known but may be gazetted for a name change following the raising of  area in front of the creek, with grasses in place, & just the water to be added to the creek, hopefully the summer rains will arrive before long to get a flow going.

Hopefully before getting a few days off from mid next week, the primary area at Moblayne as far as the yard, sidings & depot will be all ballasted in place, so a few extra photo's will be posted beforehand.


  1. Colin

    Looking good, I like the streetscape and the loco depot.

    Ray P

  2. Thanks Ray

    Its been a satisfying work & thankfully without a lot of problems, some minor work to finish including on the road & park areas. Depot to get final pegs & main yard area at camera end to also get the road beds put in place much of which is now being worked on.

    A minor photo update should happen on Wednesday.