Wednesday, 5 November 2014

 A future project for the layout is to have a small timber mill at Nullo Mountain, a look around the state these days can only find more modern mills, although there is one not far from me at Wyong North, the photo's here are some I took at Quirindi NSW a few years back, like the one at Wyong Nth they are very much relics of a time gone by.

Austins, is a unique mill in that its still a family operated mill after many years of business, & is also one of only a few left that specialise in the cutting of Cypress Pine, a wonderfully beautiful timber, one that white ants will not touch has grain like no other, but is harder than hardwood, really requiring drilling holes for nails to penetrate the timber even when green & worse when dry.

Its not a large mill, & one ideally suitable for a model layout.  The heading photo is of the large machinery shed & the remaining is of sections of the mill itself, the office & residence is at the rear.

Following on from my last post, I have now been able to primarilly finish off the ground work at Moblayne both at the depot & the goods yard. Some wiring is still needed to be finished but I am generally pleased with the results.  Some updated photo's, in one photo that I took it showed up a glaring problem with an approach road from coal stage to Turntable, requiring some per way fixing to it. 

 An overview of the depot

An ants eye view from the goods yard towards the station & depot

 A view above the ant

 Station from yard end
 The yard is located on the down end of the station.
 Station - The photo's show the red roof as much brighter than how they really look.
Some minor work has been carried out at the loco facilities at Down end of Akuna, with the Turntable area being filled in & an initial cover of ground flock being applied, above this will be added static grass..  The Silo kit is one of those projects that need to be moved up in the priority order, at least for painting.

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