Wednesday, 23 October 2019

Welcome back, not Kotter but AJRM magazine

his morning I had to go to John Hunter for pacemaker check prior to surgery next week, as it needs replacing.  On returning by bus/train I got off and went to Barnes hobbies at New Lambton to get a couple of packs of styrene, primarily to replace damage to the scratch built Roundhouse on one side. There was no wood packs there but decided on Styrene instead when going to pay for it I saw on the counter a couple of copies of what I thought was old editions of the Australian Journal of Model Railway Modelling, a closer look revealed that it was a new edition, so the heading Welcome back AJRM.

The price has gone up as its now 8 years as Stephen Ottoway says in the editorial since the last edition, on the way home in the train I was able to skim through the mag, and gee its great to have it back, as it really is the best magazine for Oz modellers but there's also a lot in it that non Oz modellers will enjoy.

Stephen Ottoway mentions that over the years how the world of social media has consumed the hobby, and was wondering whether the magazine could survive (my reworking and understanding what he was talking about) but he felt committed to its production again owing to the amount of articles that had been submitted and they deserved to be printed, I agree.

Its been too long between editions and I have all the old copies and still refer to them at times, certainly I am glad to see it back.

The cost of the mag is $15.00 as against about $10.00 in the last one but more colour photo's now.

For those who want to model rather than just run trains, this magazine is very much worth every cent it costs.

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