Saturday, 7 March 2015

Branching out #2

Last few weeks have been basically quiet but as I am working towards doing a mini clinic on making trees, this has been a bit of a focus for me.

My previous post had a couple of photo's with trees using both the tree or scale leaves from Polak as well as from Scenic Express.  Having now used them both on several well 4 trees all up with the Scenic express ones I still have near a 900gram Kraft peanut butter jar all but full, & the cost was $U.S 9.00 for the bag, what is left of the Polak leaves, from 4 of their jars is now sitting in one, they cost around the same price each as the Scenic Express leaves, so no question on the value difference.

The trees I am doing now are very much different to those in the past, where I used the old formula of high arch type trees with Heki or Bachman fibres to form the tree covers & then medium foam for the leaf cover.

Now I am using the same copper wire armatures but in much thinner trucks & soldering on thinner branches this is to get some variation in trees on the layout.  Some quick new arrivals on the layout as samples

 A repeat of the fallen tree using the Polak leaves


Beginnings.  An old large armature halved in size & thinned out further towards the top, to provide the high branches.  Soldered in branches both in the main fork as well as along the branches provides the main tree formation.

Next are some trees using the Scenic Express scale leaves to go over Bachmann/JTT fibre mesh, much more stretched out then with the more normal foam material. Each are of the same construction method as shown here.


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    1. Thanks Ray. I am actually really enjoying doing them as they are quite satisfying when finished.

      Problem though is the den smells like a female hairdressing salon for a while.