Sunday, 9 August 2015

No modelling stuff here.

Well, its been some time since my last post, but while a lot has happened, there's not a lot to show for it, hopefully I will be able to provide a better update in a few weeks.

This weekend however, has almost been a right off in many aspects owing to rotten computer issues. I have used Windows 7 64 Pro now for some time, the last few months has actually been great even though the continual updates have been a bit monotenous especially in regard to size, but the speed of boot up, shut down & other aspects of the OS has been worth it.

I was at the same time aware that Microsoft has been working in the background to get us all to use their new wonder OS windows 10, the cheese for the trap was it will be free for Win 7 users, on ThursdayI was notified that I was able to Download the new whizz banger, initially I was reluctant as I was warned of some hours for the process to take place, but having seen how it seemed to work on a laptop at our weekly meeting on Wednesday, Win 10 did seem to look ok, so on Saturday afternoon I took the plunge & decided to go with it, the time I started on was around 200pm.

At 730pm, I was finally able to use my computer after the installation was finished, although it showed I was only 80% complete.  5 1/2 hours left me unimpressed to say the least. then working out how to get my internet working along with some other items took me another 2 hours, that is after I had to try & unscramble the internet settings.

Then the computer would no longer turn off, it would restart after each run down, so I had to to manually push the on button & hold in to turn off.  Every time I turned on, & go to the internet, no longer just a click on the task bar icon, but I had to type in IE, or Mozilla to get the web browser & go through security password checks each time.

Boot up takes around 4 minutes as against less than 2 in Win7, the whole of the monitor & personal settings are a mishmash of terrible settings, that has to be the worst I have seen. What, also gets me is the way that so many tasks that are dead easy in Win7 are so much more complicated in 10. But, its not all bad news I guess, as if you are one of the tablet & smartphone thumb operators, then you may well be right at home, even the reviews while casting positive posts, all seem to point out that the new system is pointed towards that medium.

Microsoft they say, are going to change our ways in how we use our computers, the new way is the mobile style, the OS has touch screen & other tablet linkages meaning you may have less need for keyboards, as the monitor can do it for you, if you spend on new ones.

So, for this dinasour, I will stick with Win7 as long as its possible.

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