Friday, 11 January 2013

Being determined to get Coxes Gulley finished ASAP, & between the weather extremes & wanting to the final coat of grassing in the area, I made up enough grass mix to then go into the section from Coxes Creek to Nullo Mountain.

As I got prepared for the work I decided to try the small paint sprayer that I purchased last year at Bunnings for $40.00. They have 2 brands at that price one being their home brand of Ozito & the other an almost identical version but a generic brand under the Wagner Germany brand, which is the one I got.

I do not use PVA & water mix but a 4:1 mix of a product called paint extender, its a clear & totally matte water based Acrylic paint called PermaPlastik, & sourced from Paint Wholesalers of Australia. It costs around $70,00 for 4 litres but goes a long way.
So have spray gun & around the areas I went, & what a lot easier using the spray gun then an atomising hand bottle.

Some pics of the work here
From station level looking the up direction & stock yards
Stock resting yards from station level
Overlooking stock & staging yards
Roadway to Coxes Gulley rail
Goods shed area from station level
Overlooking down end of Coxes Gulley & goods shed area
Down end approaches & station
I am quite happy with the results so far, & depending on how one wants to have the seasons depicted & lushness of the grassing, I am very much experimenting with the various types of grasses, as the more yello/dry types seem much more transparent than the greens, & when greens are applied too heavily in the initial application much more of the drier colours are needed.

The next area assigned for work is Nullo Mountain on the other side of Coxes Gulley, I will be using the drier colours in the first coat & then some of the greens.
My desire is to create a late spring/early summer affect whereby the winter grasses are dying & the new green of spring/summer shows through. What this means is that grass tuffs will need to be added.

Having used an old home made grass applicator prior to this I have to say how great the Aussie Scenics model is & as said previously highly reccomended, a smaller diametre cup would be very handy though.

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